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Important IONOS Phishing Alert

We have been made aware of very authentic looking email notifications pretending to come from IONOS, our preferred hosting partner. Please read the full news article for all the details and how to avoid this dangerous phishing attempt. Read More

Improving Email Delivery for Websites

What good is an email if the recipient never receives it? Delivering email reliably has become a challenge as mailboxes are flooded with spam. We offer solutions to ensure emails sent by your website are delivered. Read More

PHP 8.1 Update

To keep your site safe, secure and performing well, your server needs to run the latest version of PHP. Websites that rely on this web technology – including WordPress sites – must be updated by Nov. 26, 2023. Read More

Easy, Affordable eCommerce

Have you always wanted to sell products or services online but hesitated because of the cost or complexity? We offer solutions that fit every budget, from simple to highly customized online shopping experiences. Read More

10 Upgrades to Increase Holiday Sales

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to upgrade your online store and increase your sales. Read More

Avoid Network Solutions, GoDaddy

SEE OUR JUNE 2023 UPDATE! Any clients using either Network Solutions or GoDaddy for webhosting OR domain registration should switch providers as soon as possible. We've had multiple clients encounter serious issues with both companies. Read More

Increase Online Holiday Sales

Now's the time for our eCommerce clients to optimize for online holiday sales. Boost your conversion rates by adding Gift Cards, Discount Codes and Customer Accounts. Read More

New SEO Plans Available

Our SEO plans are improving in 2023 with new packages and options to increase your site’s visibility. Read More

PHP 8.0 Update

To keep your site safe, secure and performing well, your server needs to run the latest version of PHP. Websites that rely on this web technology – including WordPress sites – must be updated by Nov. 28, 2022. Read More

How Can I Tell If My Site Is Hacked?

A client recently asked us, "How can I tell if my site is hacked?" Here's the answers and additional tips we provided. Read More

WordPress 5.9

The latest version of WordPress adds the Block Editor to site themes that support it. This is a huge change and we recommend you do NOT update yet. Read More

Fighting Climate Change

We've partnered with Stripe to battle Climate Change by contributing a portion of the payments we've processed. Read More

Tips to Manage Your Passwords

Are you frustrated every time you see a login screen? Do you keep getting locked out and you don't understand why? Let us help you with our password tips. Read More

NMD System Offers Ultimate Customization

Our web application and eCommerce system has recently been rebranded as NMD System. It offers a robust, fully customizable framework that can be used to build exactly the website you want! Read More

Stay Safe With Our Security & Maintenance Plans

Restoring a hacked website is costly and time-consuming. Keep your site safe and performing at its best with our Security & Maintenance plans. Read More

Phishing Gets Sophisticated

We've seen a significant increase in phishing attempts that are getting more sophisitcated and real looking. When in doubt, do NOT click any links in emails of which you are unsure. Read More

WordPress 5.8 Update

We generally recommend keeping WordPress updated to the latest version. However, major upgrades – including the most recent WordPress release – are an exception. Read More

Abandoned WordPress Plugins

Plugins add functionality to WordPress sites and are often free. Issues arise, however, when they are no longer updated. Read More

Mailbox or Email Forward?

When adding email addresses for your website, you have two choices: a mailbox or a forward. What are the pros and cons of each, and which option should you choose? Read More

Tips to Avoid Ransomware, Hackers

Ransomware and hackers should be taken very seriously – we see their intrusion attempts and attacks constantly. Read our five most important tips to protect yourself and your business. Read More

Hold Off On PHP 8 – For Now

PHP 8 is the latest version of this popular server software that powers many websites. However, it's best to hold off on upgrading to this latest version for now. Read More

Keep Your Website Secure

We've noticed a significant increase in the frequency of hacker intrustion attemps on all websites during April 2021. It's never been more important to keep your site secure and performing at its best. Read More

Our eCommerce System vs WooCommerce

New Media Design offers a robust, highly-customizable eCommerce platform that's served small- to medium-sized businesses since 2003. It beats WooCommerce in multiple ways, including customization options, integration with existing sites, ease-of-use, and cost. Read More

Quality Content Key to Visits

If you're looking to drive high traffic to your website, you need something to attract visitors. Quality content draws an audience, as we saw with one of our own clients. Read More

PHP 7.4 Update

All websites running PHP – including all WordPress websites – must be updated to version 7.4 before Dec. 6, 2021. To keep your site secure and performing at its best, your server needs to run this latest supported version of PHP. Read More

System Updates Expand Your Options

We've released significant system updates every month since the start of 2020. This means clients using our system, and under a current maintenance plan, automatically receive these improvements to functionality, features and security. Read More

Revitalized Site Goes Live

We are very proud to announce go live of this newly refreshed site. Working very closely with the client, we spent extensive time reorganizing and reinvigorating the content and design. The end result is a much more focused and attractive site. Read More

We've Partnered With Mailchimp

As a proud Mailchimp partner, we're excited to show you what you can do with their marketing platform. Grow your business using multiple, targeted email marketing campaigns that we can integrate into your website. Contact us to learn more! Read More

New Cloud Backup Service

We are now offering a new Cloud Backup service that protects your site's precious data. It's automatic, secure and affordable! Read More

Quick, Affordable eCommerce

You don't have to spend a lot to add eCommerce to your website. If a simple one-page order form is all you need, we can provide a quick and affordable solution so you can accept orders online. Read More

Use Your Website To Sell Local

With the coronavirus affecting just about every business, it's time to think outside the box. Here are several important ways to get goods and services to your customers in these challenging times. Read More

Ideas To Help Your Business

During these challenging times, we are reaching out to our current and potential clients to offer them multiple ideas on helping their businesses. We are here to help! Read More

Why Would Hackers Target My Site?

Hackers will target ANY website for a variety of reasons. Just because you have a small business or relatively simple site doesn't mean you are immune from attacks and disruptions of your website. Read More

Why Refresh Your Site?

Is it time to refresh your website? There are many reasons why now may be a good time to do so. Read More

Now Offering Payment Plans

New Media Design is now offering payment plans to our clients. This is a great way to take on your new ambitious eCommerce or custom web application project and spread the cost out over months. Your monthly payments are interest free and can be used for any substancial project or upgrade! Read More

Important PHP Updates

Many websites, including all WordPress websites, use a web technology called PHP. To keep your site secure and performing at its best, your server needs to run the latest supported version of PHP. Read More

We Can Help You Succeed In 2020

The success of our clients is our top priority. We will always put in that extra effort to ensure your website achieves the goals you've set. We will work within your budget and timeframe and will be with you every step of the way. Let us help you succeed in 2020! Contact us now to get started.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service to our clients. You are always our priority! Read More

Free Site Security Checkups

Hackers will take advantage of any and every exploit they find. Don't let them take your site down or access your customers' sensitive data. Contact us to schedule your free Site Security Checkup now!

Secure Your Site Now

We've noticed an increase in hacker activity and intrusion attempts across all sites. If you've signed up for one of our yearly Security & Maintenance Plans, rest easy as we have your site covered. If not, don't wait until your site goes down or is hacked to do something. A little bit of prevention will go a long way so Contact us now!

WordPress 5.0 Release

WordPress 5.0 was released on Dec. 6, but we recommend clients hold off on upgrading to it. Read on for more details. Read More

Free Website Checkup

IMPORTANT: Your WordPress website may be running a version of important software that needs to be updated before the end of the year. If you're not sure, please contact us for a FREE checkup! Read More

Why Is Information Architecture So Important?

What is Information Architecture and why even do it? Isn't it a waste a time? Can't you just start building a website and figure it out as you go? We answer your questions about why Information Architecture (IA) is so important and critical to producing an effective website in the most efficient manner possible. Read More

Convert Your Product Catalog

It's a good time for spring cleaning and that includes your printed product catalog. Converting it to digital offers a ton of benefits and we offer affordable options for you to do so. Read More

What is a WordPress hybrid?

WordPress gives you lots of power to create and manage websites. But what if you need specific functionality that's not available in a WordPress plugin? That's where hybrid sites come in. Read More

What Makes Us Different?

There are a lot of web and app development firms for you to choose from. So why choose New Media Design? Three reasons: expertise, dependability, and honesty. Read More

Keep WordPress Sites Safe

WordPress makes it easy to create and manage websites for your business or personal use and is widely used. Because of its popularity, however, WordPress sites have become major targets for hackers. Keeping your WordPress site safe and secure is critical now. Read More

Prep for Holiday Sales Now

For our eCommerce customers, now is the time to prep for holiday sales. Consider using discount codes or targeting previous customers using order emails. Free or reduced shipping is also a big incentive for customers. We can help you get your site just right, just let us know!

New Major System Release

Version 6.1 of our system has been released! The update includes many improvements, fixes and new features. We will continue to improve this new code. One feature our users may notice is wider Admin pages (which shrink nicely to fit smaller screens) as well as icons courtesy of Font Awesome.

Custom Contest Manager

We created a custom contest manager for Jetty's two annual surfing events, the Coquina Jam and the Clam Jam. The system allows participants to sign up online, manages teams, and displays winners using a leader board format. Read More

Tech News on Facebook

Technology is always changing and you need to change with it to keep your business successful. Please check out and "Like" our Facebook page for daily news updates related to eCommerce, apps, design and general tech trends: NMD on Facebook

Important client notices

If you are currently a New Media Design client, please read our latest important notices regarding legacy support, PHP versions, and mobile websites. Read More

eCommerce built your way

There are many, many eCommerce systems out there, but only one business that runs exactly the way your business runs. So why use cookie-cutter eCommerce tools? Instead, have us build a custom eCommerce system to match your needs. Read More

The key to building an app

Creating a native app for iPhone and/or iPad is very intensive, more so than web development, and therefore is generally costly. I've found that one of the most important steps in creating an app is figuring out how to monetize what you want to build – and doing so before you build anything! Read More

SEO optimization works

With a few hours worth of updates to this website, we were able to significantly increase search engine traffic and new business leds. One key factor was creating keyword-rich URLs and page titles throughout the site. Read More

Fish Circle app updated

Version 1.5 has been released with many new features, including sort options at the top of all lists, embedded Map views for bait shops, ability to delete catches, and many UX improvements, plus better performance! Read More

Integrating your data

Data is only as useful as you make it. We recently helped a client give customers full access to their order history by creating a bridge from the company's main frame computer to their website. Read More

Moving to mobile apps

With many people using smart devices on a regular basis, it's obvious that supporting your business with mobile apps is important. But how to get started? Start with a small app that does one thing well and build off your success. Read More

Get responsive now

To reach as many customers as possible, your website needs to be "responsive." What does this mean? In a nutshell, your website will look and perform well on the myriad of devices used today, including desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Read More

Backups are critical

Your website files and data need to be backed up regularly. This is especially true for any site that features dynamic content, such as WordPress, or one in which data constantly changes, including eCommerce systems. We provide automated solutions that backup both your files and data to the cloud. Please Contact us to learn more.

Mobile app development now offered

New Media Design is proud to announce that we now offer full mobile app development services for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There's so much you can do with an app, let us help you get started now. Read More

Intranets empower employees

Intranets are private, internal websites that medium to large companies use to help their employees do a better job. A custom built intranet can provide exactly the tools and services that give your workers everything they need to perform at their best. Read More

Tips for social media

Social media continues to be a hot topic when it comes to even the most basic websites. But what should you and your business do when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and all the other options that are available? Read More