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NMD System Offers Ultimate Customization

August 23, 2021

In 2003, we started building an eCommerce system for a single client using PHP. Now, nearly two decades later, our system has evolved and has been rebranded as NMD System, a robust, fully customizable framework that can be used to build exactly the website you want!

NMD System offers incredible versatility and endless customization options so you get the exact web application and / or eCommerce functionality you require. Our system integrates easily into WordPress as well as modern responsive frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation or with any standard HTML website.

If you are frustrated with the limitations of other systems and would like a website that functions to your exact specifications, then consider NMD System which offers the following:

Core Features

  • The NMD System is built to be easy-to-use, fast and secure
  • Code base has been in development since 2003 and is constantly updated, expanded and improved
  • Core robust modules handle all common functionality including Administration, Security, Logging, Data Handling, Input / Output, 3rd Party Services, and more
  • Fully customizable and expandable per client needs, with core functions separated from custom functions
  • Fully compatible with the latest supported versions of PHP (PHP 7.4 recommended) and MySQL, plus built on object-oriented architectures
  • Built with security as a priority, including: admin logs and tracking, IP blacklisting / whitelisting, site scanner, intrusion notification, and secure mode
  • Complete Administration system including admin management, multiple level access, automatic password generation and reminders, invitation system, messaging and secure file transfers, and admin import / export
  • Integrated database backup system, accessible via the Admin, with automated Cloud Backup and Automatic Archival options
  • Integrated system updates released approximately once a month include fixes, additions and improvements
  • Excel exports of most Admin data views with search parameter filtering available
  • WordPress integration allows custom web application and eCommerce pages to seamlessly operate within your WordPress install
  • Built to easily integrate with responsive frameworks including Bootstrap and Foundation as well as any HTML-based website
  • Robust and extensive add-on modules include: eCommerce, plus Content, Parameters, Users, News, Contact, Tracker, Portfolio, and Controls: see Additional Modules
  • Integrated with Google services including Analytics with eCommerce Tracking, Google Maps, Google reCaptcha, and Google Charts
  • Mailchimp API integration allows any form to be connected to your Audience lists
  • Additional third-party integrations include PHPMailer, Font Awesome, JQuery and more
  • SEO manager allows you to control meta tags sitewide or on a per page basis
  • Data connector architecture allows for secure web services option
  • Built-in AJAX integration and functionality for no-page refresh data loading


  • Our eCommerce system is customized to your specific requirements to accomodate ANY functionality or business model you need
  • Extensive Stripe support, including Credit Card Processing and Secure Storage, Customers, Invoicing, Products, ACH Transactions, and Subscriptions
  • Built-in PayPal Direct and Express transactions and functionality (with PayPal Business or Pro account)
  • Connectors to popular virtual processors for real-time credit card processing, batch processing and recurring payments, including: Authorize.Net, eProcessing Network, Payeezy, First Data and Heartland
  • Integrated shipping with simple rates based on customer's order total through live rates via FedEx and UPS, plus flexible / custom domestic and international shipping options
  • Integrates easily within your WordPress install or integrated within any responsive framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation or within any HTML website
  • Various eCommerce add-ons available, including: Customer Accounts, Discount Codes, Multi-Level Categories, Product Tags and Attributes, T-Shirts, Unlimited Images, Gift Cards, Digital Goods, Wholesale Ordering, POS, Product Reviews, PDF Product Downloads, Reward Points, BOGO, Incentive Shopping, SEO Optimization, Free Shipping Options, and more
  • Numerous reporting and analytic options, plus Excel exports for tasks like packing lists and pick lists as well as for import into other software including QuickBooks and STAMPS
  • Integration with Apparel Magic and Turtell systems for textile businesses

Additional Modules

Core system includes CKEditor integration for easy text editing and formatting, with optional CKFinder integration.

Other available modules:

  • Content – Highly flexible content management system (CMS) that can be used to manage page content with optional images and files, mailing lists, raw code, and much more
  • Parameters – Add and manage parameters that can be used to create dynamic lists, menus, checkboxes, radio buttons and other selectable form options, plus more
  • Users – Flexible user account module, with account creation and management, plus login and protected pages with levels of access
  • News – Management and display of news articles with optional images and files, robust display options and view tracking
  • Contact – Safe and secure contact forms with optional database storage, custom email notifications and confirmation options, Excel and Mailchimp exports
  • Tracker – Track any interactive activity including page views, file downloads, etc. with total counts or views over a specific time frame
  • Portfolio – Flexible display of project content including images, media, case studies, and parameter assignments, plus view statistics
  • Controls – Automated imports / exports of data files from / to ANY source, with robust alerts, notifications, logging and reporting

For more information, including demos, options and pricing, and technical requirements, please Contact Us.

NMD System is Copyright © 2021 by John L. Contarino and New Media Design, LLC.