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Intranets empower employees

September 10, 2013

Intranets are private, internal websites that medium to large companies use to help their employees do a better job. A custom built intranet can provide exactly the tools and services that give your workers everything they need to perform at their best.

Most intranets are accessed via a private login screen, to keep the general public from accessing them. Once logged in, employees may access the latest company news, view and download important documents and forms, and see their personal records. A good example of this is an intranet we created for Whitesell that allows this commercial real estate company to keep employees informed, give them access to forms, and even offer a virtual suggestion box for ideas.

But besides being a repository for all kinds of information, intranets can also serve as business specific tools for employees. For example, we created an intranet that allows sales representatives of Covington Fabric to track their sales calls. Reps choose customers from a list of companies that is refreshed daily and log all call details via an easy to use form. Managers then have the ability to view sales rep activity, including details of any calls.

If you've tried business software that promises productivity, but it isn't doing the job, consider a custom built intranet solution to give your employees direct access to the data and tools they need to do their job better.

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