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Quality Content Key to Visits

April 12, 2021

If you're looking to drive high traffic to your website, you need something that attracts visitors. Quality content can draw a substantial  audience, as we saw with one of our own clients.

Robert Hellmann, a career coach, consultant and LinkedIn expert in the New York City area, has been a valued client for many years. He's built a very successful website, Hellmann Consulting, that consistently gets high traffic counts, in terms of both Unique Sessions and Page Views. In fact, Rob's site often gets more traffic than those of our larger clients, including those with multiple sites.

Curious as to how Rob achieved this, I took a closer look at his most popular pages and discovered a simple fact: he offers rich, thoughtful content on current, relevant career topics. His writing style is clear, concise and written in a supportive, friendly voice. He makes good organizational use of bullets and lists and offers multiple solutions regarding a specific career challenge. 

He's also very prolific, with his WordPress site offering 84 posts and 112 pages (and counting). So, the winning combination for Rob is offering top-notch content that is broad enough to attract a wide range of visitors, yet deep and expert enough to keep them coming back for his smart and solid advice.

Finally, Rob's content is also very dense and keyword-laden for his target audience, factors that Google's search engine clearly loves. Rob proves you don't need to deliberately add keywords to your copy targeting Google's algorithms – you just need to ultimately serve your audience and the rest will take care of itself.

In my final analysis, I've come to the conclusion that Google sees Rob as an expert in his particular area of expertise, increasing his organic ranking and driving even more traffic to his site. That's worth more than pretty much any online ad buy you could make! 

UPDATE: Rob pointed out to me another factor that influences his Google ranking: he is a regular contributor to Forbes. His profile on Forbes includes a link to his site. Incoming links, especially from sites that are well ranked, help boost your own rankings. This is certainly the case with Rob. He's also able to reuse the content he's created for his own site, while further reinforcing his expertise in the area of career coaching and expanding his "footprint" on the web, giving him the opportunity to be found by even more people (and potential clients)!

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