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Keep Your Website Secure

May 3, 2021

April 2021 was one of the worst months we've seen to date for hacker intrusion attempts. Typically, for any of our client sites, we may see a couple hundred intrusion attempts a month from a single location (more specifically, a specific IP address). Instead, we saw attempts in the thousands per location in April and this was consistent across most of the sites we maintain.

Even more disturbing was the fact that the sites being targeted were all small businesses, not corporate sites with high visibility or tons of web traffic. While it is typical for hackers to target ALL websites regardless of their size, industry or content, the level of intrusion attempts was particularly shocking.

So what can you do to protect your website that is so crucial to your business? Keep it safe with one of our affordable Security & Maintenance plans.

Our yearly service plans keep your website secure and performing at its best. They also protect your website visitors from having their sensitive data exposed or stolen as well as having viruses downloaded to their computer from your site.

For all our plans, we include the following core protections:

  • All sites are constantly monitored for significant and dangerous hacker intrusions. If a hacker is able to penetrate the various levels of protection installed under our plan, we will be immediately notified and take counter measures.
  • Correct up to 3 minor incidents a year, including replacing WordPress plugins that are no longer supported or other minor security updates.
  • For WordPress sites, we will install firewall and virus scanning software to keep your site constantly protected. For our NMD System, a self-monitoring and anti-intrusion Security module is built-in and constantly working to keep your site safe.

In addition, with every one of our Security & Maintenance plans, we include the following monthly services:

  • Run a manual security scan of your site to ensure it is virus-free and has not been tampered with
  • Update all software to the latest versions, including security patches and updates. For WordPress, this includes updating the core, all themes and plugins. For our NMD System, it includes system updates which are typically released monthly.
  • Backup all site files along with a complete backup of your database
  • Make sure your site is running properly and everything looks good

Read more about our Latest Plans and why they are important. All our clients are on one of our Security & Maintenance plans, and with prices starting at just $175 / year, it's totally worth it for peace of mind as well as ensuring your site is running at its absolute best.

In addition, before activating your yearly plan, we recommend a one-time Security Audit of your entire site. This 21-point site inspection includes the following checks:

  • Check your server and hosting environment for any vulnerabilities and address as needed
  • Delete all unused themes except the active theme and one backup theme
  • Delete any admin users that are not needed
  • Check for and correct any obvious admin usernames including “admin”
  • Delete unused / unneeded plugins
  • Update WordPress core
  • Update plugins
  • Backup all data and files
  • And much more

Finally, we also offer remediation and clean-up services for sites that have been hacked. Costs will depend on the severity of the hacker intrusion and the causes, all of which we will remedy in a timely manner to get your site back live as soon as possible. And in the unlikely event that a site protected by one of our Security & Maintenance plans is hacked, you will receive a substantial discount on remediation services.

Please Contact us to learn more about our Security & Maintenance plans and to get your site protected today.

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