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Tips for social media

January 18, 2013

Social media continues to be a hot topic when it comes to even the most basic website. Integrating Facebook posts as well as a "Like" button along with integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, and all the many options out there are becoming more common. But what should you do when it comes to social media?

If you are selling products, we recommend you include social media links on each product page. These generally look like small icons that connect directly to Facebook, Twitter, et al and allow your web visitors to very easily make a post about your product. This is almost a no brainer as it is  fairly easy to implement and can help bring attention to the things you sell. The posts also offer a link back to your product page, which not only increases your search engine ranking, but could lead to a sale!

Creating a company page on Facebook, however, may not always make sense. If you have a public facing company (my Jazzercise client has a Facebook page), then I think it makes sense. But if you sell business-to-business, a Facebook page likely won't do you much good. Small individuals or consultants should setup a profile on LinkedIn, which is a good place to connect with people you work with now as well as those in the past.

If you do create a Facebook page or setup a Twitter account, be sure you consider the level of commitment that will make it worth while. For Facebook, you should plan on posting weekly (once at week at the least, daily if possible). You'll want to offer tips related to your business or area of expertise, not just straight up sales or marketing fluff. For Twitter accounts, you'll need to tweet at least once daily, if not more than that (Twitter is like an amped up version of Facebook, with shorter posts made more frequently).

Regardless, social media is something you ought to consider for your website. Feel free to contact us and we can take a close look at what you do and make recommendations that would be best for your specific business.

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