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Moving to mobile apps

December 15, 2014

With many people using smart devices on a regular basis, it's obvious that supporting your business with mobile apps is important. But how to get started? Start with a small app that does one thing well and build off your success. We took this approach with the recently released Maimonides Medical Center app. Rather than take months to develop an app, we eased the client into this new realm by creating a simple app that allows doctors to view and update their contact info.

Doing so allowed the folks at Maimonides to understand all phases of app development as well as achieve initial success before taking on more challenging functionality, which will be released soon via several updates. One of the first hurdles to cross was creating web services that connect the iOS and Android versions of the app to Maimonides' database. Now that those web services are working smoothly, we are able to turn our attention to deeper and more intricate features.

This approach of building a design in smaller phases allows companies and their employees who are new to mobile development to understand the technologies and techniques involved in producing an app that is functional and easy to use. Even departments with extensive experience in web development soon realize that native apps are quite different and benefit from this incremental approach.

So, if you've been thinking about jumping into mobile apps, but have been intimidated, think small to start and have a plan to grow your app big in thoughtful phases. We are happy to help you not only develop your app but also plan ahead so that it's built intelligently so it can easily be expanded in the future.

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