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Increase Online Holiday Sales

November 15, 2022

Now’s the time for our eCommerce clients to optimize for online holiday sales. Boost your conversion rates by adding Gift Cards, Discount Codes and Customer Accounts, all available as one-time upgrades.

Gift Cards

Our newest module is Gift Cards, which allows your customers to easily email digital gift cards for your store to their family and friends. This is a super quick and convenient option and great as a last-minute gift. Customers choose the amount they wish to give which can be a list of fixed amounts you control. They also have the option to enter any amount. Next, they enter the recipient's email, name and a personal note. Customers then add the Gift Card to their cart and checkout like they normally would.

An email notice is automatically sent to the recipient your customer designated letting them know they've been received a gift card for your store along with a unique Gift Code. The recipient may then order items from your online store and enter the Gift Code to apply that credit to their order. Any remaining balance is automatically tracked and may be applied to future orders. Gift Code balances can be checked anytime. All purchased Gift Codes can be managed by you, including viewing balances, via the Admin area of your NMD System

Discount Codes

Our Discounts module allows you to create Coupon Codes that your customers can then apply to their orders. These codes are entered by your customers during checkout and act as purchasing incentives to increase your sales. Discounts are managed through the NMD System Admin and include the following types:

  • Percent: applies a percentage off the order subtotal (ex: 20% off)
  • Cash: applies a flat amount off the order subtotal (ex: $10 off)
  • Cash With Threshold: applies a fixed-dollar discount, but only if a minimum subtotal amount has been met (ex: $20 off of $100)
  • Shipping Discount: dollar amount off of shipping ($5 shipping coupon)
  • Free Shipping: no charge for shipping when applied

Codes can be set to never expire or have specific start and end dates. They can also be limited to only once per unique email or single-use only. The system automatically tracks how often codes are used and the total discount amounts applied to orders, providing you quick analytics.

Customer Accounts

Our most popular add-on is the Customer Accounts module. This allows your customers to add an account during checkout. This is optional for customers who always have the option to make a quick Buy Now purchase. However, adding an account provides your customers with many benefits, including: saving their billing and shipping addresses, securely storing their payment method (optional), and viewing their order history whenever they like. Customers appreciate the ability to quickly place an order without having to enter information they've already entered before, which results in a quick checkout flow.

The benefits for you are higher order conversion rates and less servicing required since customers can look up their orders and see the latest statuses whenever they like. Customer accounts are managed through the NMD System Admin and also allow you to see details for each customer, including billing, shipping and payment info, plus order history and total spent. You can also resend passwords to customers, deactivate their account or edit their info for them.

eCommerce Statistics

To help you better understand your eCommerce business, we've created a very flexible and powerful Order Analytics tool accessible via your Admin. With this tool you can view and filter your website's order history by single or multiple parameters, including: Dates, Order Values, Customer Info, Payment Type, Product Category, Shipping and more. For example, you could find all orders from the state of NJ with a total of more than $100 for the Last 30 Days. There are also several preset Quick Reports as well as a Quick Stats option, both of which provide you convenient  overviews of your eCommerce business.

Any of the above options will increase the number of orders you receive as well as the average total per order. You can pick and choose which options you like and purchase them as one-time upgrades. To get started, please Contact Us.

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