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WordPress 5.8 Update

August 10, 2021

We generally recommend keeping WordPress updated to the latest version. Major upgrades, however, are an exception.

While the recent release of WordPress 5.8 offers some nice improvements – especially to the Block Editor – we recommend holding off on upgrading for at least 2 weeks. The most important reason for this is to give theme and plugin developers time to update their software so it is compatible with this new version of WordPress.

Holding off also allows any critical bugs or issues found in WordPress to be addressed by a minor update, which would likely be version 5.8.1. The developers of WordPress are very good about pushing out such releases within 2-3 weeks. And the active WordPress developer community at large is also good about quickly updating their themes and plugins to be compatible with major releases.

The bottom line when it comes to major updates is to give it a few weeks before updating AND being sure to update all themes and plugins BEFORE you update WordPress. That ensures the greatest chance for compatibility with the newest WordPress versions.

Regarding minor updates, we continue to highly recommend installing these updates (examples: 5.8.1, 5.8.2, etc) as soon as they are released as they often contain important security and bug fixes.

For any clients on our Security & Maintenance plans who are running WordPress, you'll notice that your site is running WordPress 5.7.2, the latest version available prior to the 5.8 release. This is intentional and we will be updating all WordPress installs to 5.8 soon.

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