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Integrating your data

December 30, 2014

Data is only as useful as you make it. Locked away in a database, it is untapped knowledge and power. But accessing it and making it user friendly can be a challenge. That's were our expertise comes in.

We recently helped Covington Fabric, a wholesale textile business in New York, give customers direct access to their order history. We did so by building a bridge from their mainframe AS400 computer, which stores all their order data, to their customer-facing website. On a nightly basis, the AS400 exports the order and invoice history, and also generates PDF versions of open invoices. 

This data is then automatically imported and processed by the website and is immediately available for customers to view via their web accounts. Search options include by time frame (yesterday, last week, last month, etc), by a specific date range, or by order or PO number. Order details include the products ordered, the invoice and current status (open or closed), and a link to the PDF version of the invoice.

The system has been a big hit with the client and their customers, making large amounts of data easily accessible and useful. 

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