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WordPress 5.0 Release

December 13, 2018

WordPress 5.0 was released on Dec. 6, but we recommend clients hold off on upgrading to it. It is a significant new update that features a new block-based editor.

Because of the number of changes in WP 5, it will likely take at least several weeks for plugins and themes to be updated to be compatible with this new version. Having incompatible themes or plugins running under version 5.0 could break your site, so hold off until you are certain that any theme or plugins your site uses are listed as being "100% compatible" with the latest version of WordPress.

UPDATE: WordPress 5.0.1 was released Dec. 13 and includes significant security patches. This is another reason to hold off on updating to any 5.0 release as it's impossible to fully test the security of an update until it's "out in the wild." We expect further minor patches and will likely wait until WordPress gets to version 5.1 before we recommend updating to the latest version. 

UPDATE 2/19: We've updated most of the WordPress websites we manage to v5.1 successfully. In a few cases, we needed to update a site's theme before updating to the latest WordPress. So far, we are pleased with the latest version of WordPress and how it has grown into a very stable, versatile and powerful content-management platform!

NOTE: If you are on one of our yearly Security & Maintenance plans, we will take care of updating WordPress for you when the time is right. If you're not on one of our plans, please Contact us so we can take care of making sure your website is running at it's best! Our standard plans start at less than $15 / month.

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