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New Cloud Backup Service

July 6, 2020

We are offering a new Cloud Backup service that protects your site's precious data. It's automatic, secure and affordable!

This new service, introduced in July 2020, seamlessly integrates within your eCommerce or custom website system developed by New Media Design. It automatically creates both local and cloud backups of your database, including your WordPress data if that's installed. This means you always have at least two copies of your recent data at all times.

Having at least two copies of your data is an industry-standard as is having at least one copy stored in the cloud. In this case, the cloud is our secure server where the most recent copies of your database is stored. This protects you should your website fail, a hacker corrupts your data, or any number of other potential catastrophes occur.

Without a backup, your data would be lost or you would have to restore to a previous version that could be weeks old. That means orders, content, customers, and any other information stored in that time by your site would be irrevocably lost. With a backup, however, your data can be easily restored to the latest save point. 

We offer both Weekly and Daily options and recommend Daily if your data changes more than a few times a week. At any time, you can view the latest status of your Cloud Backup via the Status / Links section of your Admin Home page. If your site also includes a WordPress install, your WP database will be backed up as well.

We recommend our Cloud Backup service along with our Security & Maintenance plan to keep your site safe, secure and running at its best, with an easy path to restoring your site should any incidents occur.

Please Contact us for a free quote or with any questions.

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