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10 Upgrades to Increase Holiday Sales

September 20, 2023

Pumpkin spice drinks and treats of every kind are making their seasonal appearance. Halloween decorations are also popping up in stores and neighborhoods. And it all means one thing: Christmas and the holiday sales season is right around the corner!

That means it's time to get your online store ready to take advantage of holiday shoppers. Since 2003, our custom-built eCommerce system has enabled our clients to process countless orders. And since then, it has continued to evolve and expand offering more built-in and add-on options to support your business exactly as you need it to.

For those of you already using our NMD System eCommerce module, here's the latest list of options that can help you increase your sales this holiday:

Latest Add-Ons

Discount Codes: generate easy-to-use codes that your customers enter at checkout to receive a discount off their order. Create cash-based or percentage-off discounts, free or discounted shipping, or discounts that only apply at certain subtotal thresholds. Codes can be limited to one per email address or per customer. This is one of our most popular holiday options!

Order Incentives / Promotions: increase sales by offering incentives such as BOBO (Buy One Get One) which we can customize to your exact needs. For example, our client Massage Haven wanted to offer a "Buy 1 Massage, Get 2nd 50% Off" promo with the ability to specify what kind of massage (ie, Swedish) and what duration (ie, 60 minutes) would qualify. You could add a similar custom option to your online store.

Gift Cards: allow your customers to buy digital gift cards for your online store that they email to their family and friends. This makes a great instant and easy gift and this add-on does all the tracking of the gift card balance, allowing you to easily view and manage purchased and used gift cards. This can also be customized to create printable gift certificates. This is one of our most popular holiday options!

Customer Accounts: offering customer accounts increases the stickiness of your site and promotes repeat sales. Adding this option allows customers to create an account during checkout. Doing so saves their billing and shipping info, making future orders a breeze, with the option to also securely save their payment info. This is a highly recommended option for all eCommerce systems.

Digital Downloads: while our system defaults to selling physical products that are shipped, it can also be used to sell digital content such as audio tracks, PDFs, images and more through the same easy-to-use shopping cart. This option is also easy to manage, allowing you to upload and manage digital products. 

Content Access: similar to digital downloads, this option allows your customers to buy instant access to web-based content. A great example of this is creating a set of private WordPress pages that require paid access. These pages can be setup by you and contain any content you like, including text, images, video, PDFs, downloads, and more, allowing you to sell online courses or training material, for example.

Secret Products: who doesn't like exclusive access to special products? This option allows you to create products that you mark as "Secret" with the only way to access them being a special link that you email to your clients. This is a great way to sell and promote limited quantity items or one-off products, which also generates additional hype and exclusivity.

Shipping Charts: create custom shipping charts using editable countires, weight ranges and carriers. You are able to manage all parameters including prices, plus change rates whenever needed. The cart will present all available options to your customers based on their ship to country and the calculated order weight. This gives you full control over your shipping charges and costs.

Shipping Exclusions: if you ship internationally but want to limit which countries certain items can ship to, this add-on allows you to easily mark products as not shipable to countries you check off. You also control the list of countries.

Reviews: it's been shown that customer reviews drive sales (just ask Amazon). This add-on allows registered customers to write reviews with the option for you to approve reviews before they are displayed. You can limit the review length and also allow a star or numeric rating to be used or not.

BONUS, Custom Upgrades: Have an idea for an upgrade that's not listed above? No problem, because our NMD System is hand-written by us, we can build ANY custom functionality you desire. Unlike Shopify or other "shoebox" eCommerce system in which you are limited by the features offered, we can build whatever you want to your exact specifications! And, once we build it, it's yours to use forever since we do not charge monthly add-on fees like our eCommerce competitors do.

Perhaps most importantly, all our add-ons are one-time installations, meaning you pay once when they are installed. There are no recurring cost involved like with other eCommerce systems including Shopify and WooCommerce. Once a module is installed, it's yours to use as long as you like with no additional costs! 

Feel free to Contact Us for more options and exact costs.

Included Features

There are also a number of other helpful options included in the base eCommerce installation, including:

  • Outstanding and easy-to-use Product, Orders and Customer management tools
  • Payment options including all major credit cards, PayPal balance, and ACH
  • Categories and Subcategories to help organize your products
  • Sales statistics, including by products, sales tax reports, and quick stats that allow you to search by your own parameters
  • Export customer and / or order emails to Excel or text files, including a Mailchimp export option
  • Secure payment flows, plus auto detection of intrusion attempts with auto blacklisting

No eCommerce?

Don't have eCommerce integrated into your website? We can set you up to sell online whether you have an existing website or you're looking to create a new one. Our system integrates with the most common webhosting options, including WordPress websites. Please Reach Out Now for a free estimate!