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Keep WordPress Sites Safe

March 9, 2017

WordPress makes it easy to create and manage websites for your business or personal use and is widely used. Because of its popularity, however, WordPress sites have become major targets for hackers. Keeping your WordPress site safe and secure is critical now.

It is important to make backup and security technology part of your WordPress setup. Because WordPress is an open-source and free system, it is constantly targeted by hackers. We have seen first-hand the damage done by hackers, including bringing websites completely down for days.

We are now offering a comprehensive security installation service during which we examine your WordPress site and add protection and backup services. Following this, we offer a yearly maintenance plan that includes monthly backups and security scans of your site, along with constant monitoring of any hacker instrusions. If hackers have already infiltrated and taken your site down, we offer restoration services to get it back up as quickly as possible.

If you have a WordPress site, please Contact Us and we will send you details of our affordable services so you can get your site protected.