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Fighting Climate Change

January 13, 2022

We've partnered with Stripe to battle Climate Change by contributing a portion of the payments we've processed.

New Media Design joined Stripe Climate in July 2021, and since then we've contributed nearly $200 towards fighting climate change by investing in new technologies and companies providing carbon-reducing solutions. With each paid invoice, we contribute a percentage of payments received to this worthy cause.

One of our core principals is making the world a better place, and by partnering with Stripe, we are fulfilling this company goal.

Stripe is our preferred credit card processing partner, not only for our own customer billing, but for our clients who use Stripe to handle their eCommerce needs. As a developer, we are huge fans of Stripe as it offers one of the easiest and most powerful online payment solutions available. In fact, it is the default payment processing option for the eCommerce module offered in our NMD System.

If you are one of our clients using Stripe to handle online payments, we also encourage you to consider joining Stripe Climate. Reach out if  you have any questions.

We will continue to battle Climate Change via our partnership with Stripe while also providing our clients an easy-to-use turn key solution for their eCommerce needs.

See the link below for more about Stripe Climate and the technologies being supported to fight Climate Change.

Link: Click For Additional Info